Education System at the Kyoritsu Japanese Language Academy

The Kyoritsu Japanese Language Academy focuses on developing general Japanese language abilities, improving the four core tenets of language learning, namely “reading”, “writing”, “listening” and “speaking”. A wide variety of courses are on offer to cater to the various study objectives of each student.

Continuing Studies Japanese Language Course

Class Introduction

level Standard Attainment target
BeginnerⅠ JLPT N5 Master the fundamentals of simple conversation needed for studying the Japanese language.
BeginnerⅡ JLPT N4 Master basic conversations for everyday life.
IntermediateⅠ JLPT N3 Expand understanding of beginner’s sentence forms, be able to comprehend texts written about familiar subjects, and be able to utilize written and oral expressions.
IntermediateⅡ JLPT N2 Study further advanced sentence forms, be able to comprehend simple texts related to specialized fields and fields of interest, be able to state one’s opinion, etc.
Intermediate-AdvancedⅠ Study more complex sentence forms, be able to comprehend views and opinions of partner and facts in the fields of interest, and be able to express one’s own opinions with clear reason.
Intermediate-AdvancedⅡ JLPT N1 Study advanced sentence forms with more complexity, be able to generally grasp information outside of one’s specialty, and to widely discuss things based on partner’s conditions and viewpoints, in addition to comprehending partner’s views and opinions, and facts.
AdvancedⅠ Acquire comprehensive abilities that are fit for activities in higher educational institutions.